YouTube collaborations between brands and influencers

YouTube Collaborations Between Brands and Influencers

YouTube is a venue wherein you could gain popularity in your niche. In fact, among the most effective means of getting an extra income from content marketing is by getting sponsors and doing collaborations with the biggest brands. If you are wondering about the possibility of a YouTube collaboration with some digital marketing agency in Singapore, it is imperative that you have an idea how publishers have experienced both success and failures in doing so.

As a form of YouTube advertising, it is a tricky process that should be examined well by the publisher and the agency. Getting your Youtube account connected to your AdWords work helps tremendously in your Youtube advertising. Now, what are the things that should be looked into?

Be Authentic with Your Niche

The first key towards success in influencer marketing is becoming true to what you are as a brand. Instead of playing a role, it isn’t surprising how the most successful YouTube creators are those who show their real characters on their channel. Tom Punch of VICE Media mentioned that “authenticity” plays an important role regarding content collaborations that they do.

Sharing a common passion with a particular agency is a must. It is possible that your audience can easily spot something manufactured and fake.

Build a community Instead of Just Broadcast

Internet has evolved wherein everyone can easily participate in a conversation. Instead of just broadcasting and publishing content, it is a must that publishers learn how to build a community. How do they do this exactly? By interacting with comments, and knowing the reaction of your audience from the comment section, it is possible for publishers to build a community with their following.

How do brands enter the picture without destroying the existing symbiosis between the publisher and the community? It is important to have a collaboration that still stays true with what the audience expects.  Will the collaboration between publisher and brand disrupt the viewing pleasure of its audience? Or will it create something that the niche doesn’t expect?

Break some rules in the creative process

Agencies would typically build on things that have a beginning, a middle and an end. This is the usual thinking utilized by agencies. However, brands could learn a thing or two how publishers are pushing the limits of video marketing in general. For instance, you’ll commonly see channels that have different takes on how to tell a story.

Determine if people would love what you publish

Probably the most important question that you need to ask, is who would most likely be interested on what you publish? With millions of videos to choose from, it is imperative to ask if you are alienating your market in the first place?

For VICE, they boast videos that feature different subcultures and cultural passions. For them, they invested not on the pop culture but on subcultures and other alternative lifestyles.

In a recent study, it has shown that some YouTube influencers are more popular than some celebrities. According to experts, brands could perfectly fit into the overall content process only if they could hone their values. Who among the influencers match what their company is all about? Knowing these tips, it is easy to determine which collaborations could potentially work for you.