How to write correct Adwords text ads, its restrictions

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Google adwords is a perfect alternative of advertising to attract visitors to your website today. This can be achieved by simply preparing a Adwords text ads and submitting it on Google Adwords. However, it is important to be aware of Adwords management and accepted standards before creating an Adwords text ad. Google Adwords apply restrictions for ads that include unnecessary punctuation, letters, numbers, capitalization, symbols as well as text ads with incorrect grammar or spellings and inappropriate spacing in between words which would seem gimmicky or unstandardized.

There are a number of areas to be concerned in Adwords management with relate to the punctuations and symbols that we would like to use in a text ad. It is important to avoid using exclamation marks on the ad’s headline as well as repeated punctuation marks or symbols contained on the ad while preventing bullet points and ellipses included in it.

Capitalization is a common problem among the community who are interested in creating an Adwords ad. Google allows full capitalization or intercapitalization extra spacing for trademarks, brand names, product names where it appears similarly and consistently throughout the website. Although common abbreviations, acronyms and coupon codes are permitted to be used with full capitalization in an ad, intercapitalization within the words and unaccepted capitalization in words or phrases that include all capitals are forbidden. You may also need to be concerned of the missing or excessive spacing within words which is prohibited in Google Adwords text ad.

It is important that Adwords management is done skillfully so that your text ad will not be disapproved by Google. In general, Google reviews ads within one business day where your text ad would be under “Under review” or “Eligible” state until it is approved. However ads with “Eligible” status are permitted to be run on certain pages before they are approved while ads with “Under review” status will not be able to run on any page until it is approved by Google.

In the event of a dis approved text ad, you may need to learn the reason for it. If the reason for disapproval is mentioned as “Editorial Standards”, it means that your ad has violated the policy of using non-standardized, unnecessary numbers, letters, punctuations, symbols, capitalization or use of incorrect grammar and spellings or either inappropriate spacing between words or punctuation is being used. However in Adwords management you have the option of making the necessary changes and resubmitting your ad for review.

It is important to confirm that the violations are fixed before resubmitting your ad for review as repeated disapproval may result in total suspension of your Adwords account. Therefore, being thoroughly knowledgeable in Adwords management before submitting a text ad for approval will give expected results for you.