Will There Be a Google and Yahoo Merger?

Will there be a Google and Yahoo merger

There’s a massive buzz lately as Google plans to also provide its search results and search ads for a number of Yahoo queries. Currently, 51% of Yahoo searches are served by Bing and its search products.

Over the years, Google remained as the number one search engine both for consumers and businesses. With ever changing algorithm that prioritized user experience, it’s worth looking into if Google and Yahoo will finally seal a deal with each other.

What does it mean for digital marketing agencies now?

According to ComScore, 12.7% of US search queries are made via Yahoo. This could mean an additional chunk of audience for AdWords. With the already SMX East discussion on AdWords questions, expect another turnout of interesting questions once Google-Yahoo merged! Another thing to look forward to is the fact that Yahoo owned websites are going to be featured on the Google search network without additional cost to the marketers.

Apparently, Yahoo is now inching its way out of Bing Ads. Either party can already terminate their deal since October 21, 2015. Right now, there are no specific numbers as to how much traffic will be shown via AdWords compared to Bing Ads. It still leaves marketers speculating to what could happen next.

Opportunities for some sectors

There are some sectors that should be celebrating because of this impending merger. Everything for instance focuses on different sectors including finance and sports. Why is this worth mentioning? Those AdWords customer that want to tap into Yahoo Finance, MSN Money or Fantasy Football sites are now looking forward how their campaigns are going to look.

According to ComScore, users that went to Yahoo Bing Network are spending more money than those on Google. Now, given this information, it could mean expansion for businesses that are going to use Google AdWords once it merges with Yahoo.

Based on data analysis from further, search engine users on Yahoo have variety of interests including DIY, sports and pets. Another data that makes can make a huge impact on a possible Yahoo-Google partnership is the representation of female searchers over 45 years old in Yahoo. For companies that focus on these demographics, it makes perfect sense to stick to Yahoo because of this.

Gemini Users

Gemini is the ad platform used by Yahoo in order to purchase search ads within the search engine. It has currently generated low CPCs mainly because of the lack of competition, and relatively engaged users in contrast to other channels out there.

AdWords remain to be the user-friendly option than Gemini. However, Gemini may compensate to its marketers given that it also produces results. Gemini has a number of video, image and product advertisements. It is interesting how it plays out if it will be deferred to AdWords.

In 2008, there was an attempt by Google and Yahoo to work the same deal. However, it was rejected by the Department of Justice anti-trust ruling. Will it work differently for this time around? If it happens, you can expect Yahoo’s revenue to skyrocket. Given the current situation of Yahoo that has been declining in recent times, this could give them a timely boost