What is Google remarketing / retargeting

Google remarketing / retargeting was rolled out to advertisers in Mar 2010 after a year of trial.

According to Google, “97% of new visitors do not convert the first time they arrive at your site’“.

Now I suppose that has caught your attention, it means 97% of users who clicked over to your website did not perform an action you would like e.g. contact you, sign up, purchase

The following picture shows how Google Adwords remarketing works:

remarketing example of google adwords

By using a cookie Adwords provides on the “Hotel Finder” page on your website, Google remembers users who have visited your site and shown interest in booking a hotel room.

When they visit sites in the Google Content Network e.g. GMail, Youtube, MediaCorp, Hardwarezone, Adwords display your ads on the ad space in those sites.

This way users who have already shown interest in your site but one way or the other didn’t book a room, they can now be shown your promotion of e.g. 40% off a weekday room.

Here’s how to do it:

    1. Select “Audiences” network from the Campaigns tab

select audiences from dropdown

    1. Create “Remarketing lists” by “New Audiences” and “Remarketing list“.  This can be lists of pages on your site e.g. selling TVs, sign up, checkout

add audiences in adwords

    1. Get the tags (cookies) hence created and paste into the pages on your site.  Now whenever a potential customer reaches a page with the tag, Adwords will track them by putting the cookie on the visitor’s computer.
    2. Go to Settings, “Networks”, “Relevant pages only on the placements and audiences I manage“.  Hence for this campaign, the ads will only show to users you want to remarket to, so customize your ads specifically to these users.  E.g. if the remarketing list is for users who came to your pages selling TV AND did not purchase (another remarketing list created), you can now target the “50% off Sony TV sets” to these users.  Super cool!

choose display network adwords

    1. Settings, Advanced settings, “Frequency capping” to limit the number of times your ads are displayed so users do not get shown repeatedly with your ads.  This will prevent over exposure to your brand which might cause unwanted reaction from potential customers.

select audiences from dropdown

In the next post, we will discuss the finer details in your digital marketing efforts of how to do this remarketing / retargeting well on Google Adwords.