What Google Adwords Landing Page Policy is about

The primary purpose of Google’s landing page policy is to make sure that the sites to which users are taken after clicking on Google ads are safe, trustworthy, and legal.  If landing pages are suspected of violations, keywords and ads related to them are suspended as shown below:

site suspended due to landing page violation

It is hence important for advertisers to be careful when they editing their Google ads landing pages so they do not get penalized unnecessarily, making your digital marketing efforts going to waste.  Below are the list of factors considered in this landing page policy:

  • Arbitrage (redirect to other ads)
  • Bridge page (drive traffic to other sites)
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Get rich quick
  • Hacking
  • Mirroring and framing (copied content)
  • Misleading and inaccurate claims
  • Ad spam techniques
  • Adult sexual services
  • Information harvesting
  • Malware
  • Mobile content (unclear pricing structure)
  • Parked domain (no real content)
  • Phishing (steal user info)
  • Sale of free items
  • Site not working
  • Unclear billing
  • User safety
  • Violations of Google’s Software Principles
  • Violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Most of these will not be accidental with the exception of the “Site not working”.  Hence remember to get your webmaster to routinely check your landing pages, else you pay for clicks and get suspended as well!