Website analysis

Have you done a website analysis recently?  Having difficulties knowing whether your online promotions are working?

Imagine being able to see the following:

  • Promotions customers are spending most time on
  • Pages causing customers to leave your website
  • Why the search engines are bringing customers to you
  • Pages that customers drop out from when checking out for purchases etc

Installing Google Analytics on your site enables website analysis and provides actionable insights and:

Number of visitors and if they found your website interesting

Explorer view in Google Analytics

Website analysis with Google Analytics

Why customers are leaving your website

By doing a website analysis and looking at which last pages customers were on before leaving your site, you can review the design and information on the page to see if improvements can be made to keep customers browsing.

Top exit pages in Google Analytics

Website analysis, Top exit pages in Google Analytics

Real time reports

Great for seeing what is happening right now for your latest promotions!

Google Analytics Real Time statistics

Website analysis, Google Analytics Real Time statistics

Ensure mobile experience is top notch

If you are an online retailer, it is crucial to have good loading speed and ease of viewing and use on your preferably mobile optimized website. Test against the most popular phones customers are visiting your website on.

Mobile devices accessing your website

Website analysis, Mobile devices accessing your website

Talk to us and see how, after a website analysis, to track and gain insights to increase your online revenue!

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