Use Adwords In-Market Audiences to find ready buyers

Lets say you are a florist, and currently use image ads on Google Display network targeting users who might want to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day e.g. sites with keywords valentines’ day.  Now Google provides an even more accurate way of reaching users who ARE looking to buy flowers, maybe because they have searched for “buy flowers” on Google search etc.

This feature is introduced on the Google Display Network in AdWords management named as In-Market Audiences.

Advertising has constantly depended upon broad communications to scatter data that attracts individuals to buy. As an advertiser it is essential to make visitors comfortable to purchase your item. Although it may sound peculiar, it has just got easier to target users who are ready to buy your product through suitable Adwords management.

In market buyers feature is currently available only to campaigns that are targeted in

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Japanese languages

Audiences: Autos and vehicles, baby and children’s products, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, consumer software, education, financial services, home and garden, real estate, telecom, travel, apparel and accessories, weddings and employment.

Google recommends on CPA bidding as an effective strategy on “In-market audiences” and CPC bidding is possible to be used as well but CPM bidding is not available at the moment in Google adwords management. The objective of using CPA bidding option is to get a client to click your advertisement and make an action on your site, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. In any case you pay for every click, yet Adwords will consequently set your offers to help you get more conversions, sparing you effort and time with this type of bidding.  Of course this is only possible if conversion tracking is already set up.

However, in order to improve the efficiency of the in-market audience promotion, you may need to avoid including other targeted methods that would limit your access to these types of audiences. Setting bidding adjustments accordingly when the in-market audience matches a certain topic or setting bids on consumers who are within a particular age range or gender will bring more results in this adwords management campaign.

This feature is enabled in the Google display network as an audience solutions option where you can find Targeting > Interests & remarketing > Interest categories > In-market buyers. Purchasers who visit a site regularly are commonly not considered as in-market buyers. For instance, Google has discovered that a client who visits a site habitually is not likely considering a purchase within a brief span of time. Based on a pattern Google distinguishes that In-Market Buyer campaign targets the guests who are frequenting certain sites less regularly.

Please feel free to add in the comments how would you use this powerful new feature.