Top 6 mistakes in PPC Campaigns

Top 6 mistakes in PPC Campaigns

One of the most imperative features of digital marketing is PPC strategy. For this particular model, this advertising campaign directs traffic to websites, wherein advertisers pay only for the number of clicked ads. But of course, there are a lot of mistakes that you could do, which could either blow your budget, or ultimately waste your efforts targeting the wrong customers in the process. Here are some common blunders that you want to avoid at all cost when it comes to PPC.

Failing to target the geographic location

If you make use of broad keywords, it could be rendered useless especially for small businesses. For most small businesses, they’d most likely operate within their 30 mile radius. Unless you have a really big brand that has a huge capital, you’ll need to include a geographic location to make things more specific as users search for keywords.

Too many keywords

If you think that more keywords produce better results, this is where you are wrong. It is better to make use of specific keywords that are related to things that you offer. This way, you don’t spend on things that will only waste your resources.

Not using long tail and negative keywords

Both negative keywords and long tail keywords are underutilized in PPC strategies. One of the reasons why this is becoming a trend, is because of the proliferation of mobile devices that allow voice activated searches.

As for the negative keywords, it is common to have websites to include modifiers in your results. This means that if you have “men’s footwear” as your keyword, you’ll most likely have a match with “free men’s footwear” to “cheap men’s footwear”.

Failure to send prospects on the right landing page

Do you tend to send your prospect customer towards your landing page? This may not be a good idea, given the World Wide Web is all about instant gratification. Most users don’t have the time to scroll through your site to see where the product is found. It is advisable to get the users to where you want them to be. Whether it is a product page, or a specific landing page that will capture their email address, you don’t want them to turn into bounce rate, by making them land on your site’s homepage.

Failure to exclude some sites

If you have sites that don’t provide clicks that eventually convert, but rather turn into additional bounce rate, it is time that you exclude these sites from your campaign. It is better off removing websites if it failed to produce the results you are looking for.

Failure to measure the ROI

For every Adword campaign, you have to determine what keywords work best, and what type of keywords lack the results you are looking for. Try maximizing your income by measuring the ROI for every Adword campaign. Track and optimize the amount of conversions that you received from every campaign that you do.

Failure to address proper PPC campaign could lead to wasted resources, and not maximizing the opportunities of the World Wide Web. These are common mistakes that could turn disastrous for every ad campaign.