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How to use Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is free and helps its advertisers find the most relevant keywords to their business.  By showing relevant ads, Google maintains relevance for its ads, customers are happier and online advertisers get targeted customers. Make most of this keyword tool by: Start with broad keywords first, then narrow to keywords more relevant to […]

Share your negative keywords & placements across Adwords campaigns

In digital marketing previously, negative keywords and placement exclusion lists are done in the “Keywords” and “Networks” tabs respectively. Example: Let’s say you sell wines but do not sell brands like “Armand de Brignac”, “Red Bicyclette” and “Tavernello”.  You can then create a negative keyword list called “Excluded Wine brands” and use it across campaigns. […]

How to do remarketing well using Adwords

Google Adwords remarketing / retargeting enables advertisers to reach out to users who visited their site, hence shown a certain degree of interest in their products, by targeting ads at them while they visit sites in Google Content Network with sites like Gmail, Youtube, Mediacorp etc. Here are some finer points to remarketing for your […]