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Gmail’s Native Ads Launched for Online Advertisers 

Google is a great venue to do your digital advertising of your product or your brand in general. Aside from their search engine, they also offer a versatile email platform that managed to beat the existing competition today. Because of the popularity of Gmail, what Google has tried to do over the past two years […]

How to use Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is free and helps its advertisers find the most relevant keywords to their business.  By showing relevant ads, Google maintains relevance for its ads, customers are happier and online advertisers get targeted customers. Make most of this keyword tool by: Start with broad keywords first, then narrow to keywords more relevant to […]

Review of 11 Digital Marketing Trends

BRITE Mar 2011 Conference Steve Rubel, SVP Director of Insights @ Edelman Digital,  on 11 digital marketing trends Here’s a review of what was mentioned back in Mar: Attentiononomics lots of content, limited time need to realize the value of attention, and not just reach and impressions, in driving conversions visualizations help e.g. gaming where, […]