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New Google Adwords Enterprise features (soon)

  Google recently announced new features to the public that would be coming to Adwords in the coming months. Unlike the last year’s mandatory Enhanced Campaigns update, existing features will not be affected as a result of the new ones and these features are believed to be absolutely optional within adwords management. The new features […]

Import from Google Analytics, Pros and Cons

Google Analytics goals are more flexible, powerful and yet do not need to install codes on the website. A summary to distinguish conversions and goals for your digital marketing efforts: Conversions:  Measured in Google Adwords. Default 30 days life span. Need to install codes in webpages. Goals: Measured in Google Analytics. In GA v5, “My […]

Use Google Analytics to measure and improve customer experience

Econsultancy’s latest “Internet Marketing Strategy Briefing” report gives some good points on how to improve customer experience online in your digital marketing efforts and hence increase conversions from your PPC campaigns like Google Adwords. Humanize the experience by include live chats, live events. Be open about who you e.g. using a real people in e.g. […]