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Hoverboard Business- Success with social media influencer

Social media marketing like facebook marketing is now an entrepreneur’s best friend. Could you imagine reaching a company’s full potential using only your existing network? One company that has used social media to its advantage is Uwheels. It is a company that has been established by Dan Fleyshman. He used social influencers in order to […]

Improved mobile profile for Facebook and other updates

What’s next for Facebook? We’ve seen a lot of changes how Facebook operates over the last years. The Facebook that we all know in 2004 has evolved significantly to what it is today. Facebook invested effort in order to change the overall look of Facebook in order to cater to the changing demands of its […]

Facebook See First: Personalize Your News Feed

  Facebook over the years has transformed the way we live our lives. There are over one billion users who are using Facebook worldwide. And of course, marketers have used Facebook for their digital marketing strategies to improve on their overall online presence. What you see on your news feed influences your buying behavior and […]