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27% CAGR growth in Search Advertising in Singapore

In the first half of 2011, companies paid S$60.31million (US$48 million) for digital ads here, making up 8% of the total advertising expenditure in Singapore. Jointly commissioned by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and the IAB SE Asia, Singapore Chapter, the IAB online advertising revenue report for first half of 2011 was compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers. For […]

Share your negative keywords & placements across Adwords campaigns

In digital marketing previously, negative keywords and placement exclusion lists are done in the “Keywords” and “Networks” tabs respectively. Example: Let’s say you sell wines but do not sell brands like “Armand de Brignac”, “Red Bicyclette” and “Tavernello”.  You can then create a negative keyword list called “Excluded Wine brands” and use it across campaigns. […]

Higher CPC gives higher CTR (click through rate)

This finding was reported by Optify in its digital marketing research project “Changing Face of SERPs : Organic Click Through Rate”. It noted that “cheap CPC terms will likely yield over double the CTR on the first page than expensive CPC terms”. With first page total (sum of rank 1 to 10) organic click through […]