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Discussions that you want to hear about Google Adwords

A lot of people, even the most experienced marketers have a lot of questions when it comes to their digital marketing efforts like the Google products. What we know is that they offer the best results. From better targeting customers, to conversion, Google provides the best user experience that marketers can make the most of. […]

Is display advertising now in trouble?

Doing digital marketing with banners is getting a lot of negative reviews. Ad blocking software products are now popular mainly because of this. Both consumers and marketers have unifying opinions when it comes to banner advertisements. Despite the growing complaints from both marketers and consumers regarding display advertising, experts are predicting that display advertising is […]

4 Ways you can utilize dark Facebook posts

In digital marketing, brands have been using Facebook in order to effectively reach their market. What social media delivered is a great way to maximize the presence online even by small brands. For most Facebook page admins, what they do is to use the organic post which could be displayed on the Facebook page. But […]