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Higher CPC gives higher CTR (click through rate)

This finding was reported by Optify in its digital marketing research project “Changing Face of SERPs : Organic Click Through Rate”. It noted that “cheap CPC terms will likely yield over double the CTR on the first page than expensive CPC terms”. With first page total (sum of rank 1 to 10) organic click through […]

Google Adwords Quality Score, Ad Auction video

Lower your costs by making your ads more relevant to users. Watch this video on how Quality Score of your ad affects how much you pay in the Google Adwords Ad auction. It’ll help in your digital marketing efforts! Points raised: Relevant ads Improve user experience of Google Ads Lowers advertisers’ costs Generates more businesses […]

Conversion rate from mobile ads 7 times lower than desktop ads

In a previous post “CTR from mobile ads are 2.7 times higher than from a desktop“, we described that it would be best to do A/B testing using CPM and CPC models to find out what works best for your Google Adwords/YSM/Bing in your digital advertising campaigns. From the same study that Efficient Frontier did, […]

Mobile CTR 2.7 Times Higher Than Desktop Search Ads

Click Through Rate from mobile ads are 2.7 times higher than from a desktop, and cost per click 60% lower, research by Efficient Frontier showed in its UK Mobile Search Report. However as mobile ad competition increase, as in the US (ad spending for the US and UK in 2010 was US$743m and US$135m respectively), […]