Share your negative keywords & placements across Adwords campaigns

In digital marketing previously, negative keywords and placement exclusion lists are done in the “Keywords” and “Networks” tabs respectively.

Example: Let’s say you sell wines but do not sell brands like “Armand de Brignac”, “Red Bicyclette” and “Tavernello”.  You can then create a negative keyword list called “Excluded Wine brands” and use it across campaigns.

Now, these negative keyword lists and placement exclusions lists can be created in the AdWords left navigation panel called the “Shared library”.

This is the same concept developers used, sharing codes across multiple implementations.  So in Adwords context, negative keywords and placement exclusions can easily be updated in this single place and it will automatically be applied across multiple campaigns.

Really ease management of negative keywords and excluded placement, hope it will be extended to managing across different ad groups.  Do you think that will be useful?  Leave a comment.