SEO by Long tail keywords

Great infographic by SEObook.

Impact of Google’s updates on Adwords that will help in your digital marketing efforts:

Can’t target mis-spelled keywords

Choosing misspelled keywords on Adwords will not be useful anymore as Google will auto suggest/correct the spelling using Google Instant and Google spelling correction respectively.

Adwords Ads get more space

With Google Places, larger listings for official sites and Adwords ads, organic/SEO sites get further pushed down, again favoring paid Adwords ads

More keyword information for Adwords users

For signed in Google account users, the keywords information will be “not set” when viewed through Google Analytics.  However they will still be visible if using Adwords, “Keywords” tab, “See search terms”.  This favours investment in Adwords over SEO to a certain extent.

How Google Killed the Longtail Infographic.

Infographic by SEO Book