Search FYI: The Facebook Search

Search FYI The Facebook Search

Billions of users are now on Facebook. In fact, this is also the reason why Facebook has become the ultimate tool by marketers for their digital marketing efforts. Initially, it is meant to connect people. Sharing pictures and things that matter to an individual were among the initial things delivered by Facebook.

As it evolved through the years, it is an inevitable thing that Facebook is now more than just a place where you see people’s profile. It is now used not only by individuals but by businesses doing their Facebook marketing as well. It is also used by news networks in order to deliver things that are unfolding as of the moment.

Facebook provides a tremendous number of information. According to Facebook, 1.5 billion searches are made on a day to day basis, not to mention 2 trillion posts on their index. What are you going to do with all those information if you can’t find it? In order to find the information you need, Facebook needs to develop a search tool that could simplify all this.

In the past, people have to look at the Facebook news feed for a few minutes to be able to figure out what the trending topics are. But when people want to find out about the news fast, here’s when some problems happen.

What Facebook is today

Users now go to Facebook in order to see how their friends and family react when some big news occurs. Though you can search Facebook, the social media giant recently improved its search feature with Search FYI.

What makes Search FYI different?

Search suggestions

Search suggestion allows you to see the usual things that are seen and searched in your network. This way, you can follow the popular stories unfold.

Search the public posts and posts from friends

Given the number of noise that could distract you from finding the right information, you’ll be able to search both public posts and posts from your network. It has the ability to cut through the amount of noise in your social media. Aside from the fact that you can find the public posts, you can also refresh and see the latest public posts.

Find public conversations

These days, when interesting links are shared via Facebook, it is often times a norm that a public discussion will occur. The latest problem with this is that you just can’t dive into the discussion. It is hard to keep track of conversations that take place. With the latest feature, Facebook allows you to participate in the discussion fast.

Facebook now offers a diverse experience for its users. Gone were the days when Facebook was very simplistic in nature. Right now, Facebook is a tool that is widely used by consumers and marketers alike. In fact, it is even true that it is easier to find out about trending topics from Facebook. For the Facebook Search FYI, it is going to be rolling out on US English for iPhone, Android and desktop.