Review of 11 Digital Marketing Trends

BRITE Mar 2011 Conference

Steve Rubel, SVP Director of Insights @ Edelman Digital,  on 11 digital marketing trends

Here’s a review of what was mentioned back in Mar:

  1. Attentiononomics
    • lots of content, limited time
    • need to realize the value of attention, and not just reach and impressions, in driving conversions
    • visualizations help e.g. gaming
    • where, how, who, when to engage consumers
  2. Digital curation
    • separate art from junk
    • every brand can be a curator
    • collaborate and socialize to generate additional equity
  3. Developer engagement
    • developers drive innovation e.g. Angry birds
    • make your assets available to them e.g. content, data
  4. Transmedia storytelling
    • humans love stories
    • help audience connect the dots e.g. google search, twitter to get to any part of the story you want to tell
  5. Thought leadership
    • propagate new ideas and engage in meaningful conversations around them
  6. Integration
    • need to build collaboration across departments
  7. Ubiquitous social computing
    • optimise content for mobility
  8. Location based services
    • facebook and foursquare
    • local, social, photo, mobile
  9. Social media schizophrenia
    • more people now understand tweets and facebook
    • don’t force them to use any particular channel
  10. Google strikes back
    • “google could prove in 2011 that the best way to beat facebook and twitter is to do what they do best – index them to pieces”
    • create regionally, contextually relevant
    • “if you are not creating quality content that is socially discoverable, you will not be found on google, end of story”
  11. Social web site
    • users expect social functionality