Pay Per Click Setup Process

If you are too busy to learn or lack experience in Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), not getting your desired ROI on campaigns or unable to measure your current success, we can help. Your solutions are crafted using the following process:

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Needs Analysis

  • Current online marketing involvement (SEM/SEO/Social/Email/Blog)
  • Desired marketing goals (sign up, purchase, downloads) and budget
  • Promotions planned

Understanding your business

  • Unique features of best selling products or services
  • Target audiences (location, interests)
  • Competitors and their online marketing efforts
  • Industry terms, sales cycle, verticals, seasons

Keywords discovery

  • Discover keywords your customers might use on search engines to find you
  • Scale it across search engines and popular sites, countries, demographics

Ads and Landing pages

  • Develop ad copies
  • Landing pages optimization consultation


  • Conversion tracking
  • Funnel tracking to understand user behavior so as to increase ROI

Reporting and Optimization

  • 24/7 online reports, 1 monthly report
  • Budget allocation
  • Bidding strategy
  • Ad scheduling (if necessary)
  • A/B testing to optimize ads and landing pages

Support services

  • Email support: Included in managed services, response within 24hours

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