More ads in Yahoo mail, expect a fight back with Google and Facebook

The following ad in Yahoo mail recently caught my attention and I subsequently submitted an idea for the challenge, an app that makes use of data in ACRA, LTA etc to provides locations of shops, restaurants, bus stops etc to provide more accurate data than Google Maps.

“Initiated by, a government portal which contains over 6,000 datasets from over 50 government agencies, the Challenge aims to encourage a culture of creativity and innovation to help improve the way we live, study, work and play in Singapore.”

That aside, what caught my attention too is that Yahoo is getting more aggressive on advertising its own Search Marketing solutions.  The following is an ad by Yahoo in Yahoo mail:

And more ads are also being noticed in Yahoo mail now on the side of the reading pane:

Yahoo, the former U.S. display-ad leader, which was overtaken by Facebook last year, should see its display-ad revenue grow to $1.5 billion next year from $1.4 billion this year, according to data from eMarketer.  Google is currently trailing Facebook but may surpass Facebook in 2013.

Expect a fight from Yahoo, which hired Chief Executive Scott Thompson last month in a bid to help the company revamp its operations, in their digital marketing – display advertising space.