Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is by far the fastest growing segment of Internet advertising as more consumers access the Web by smartphone or other mobile devices. Google mobile ads appear on search results on its Search network, on content websites and on mobile apps. Here is mobile advertising works for your business:

adwords click to call extensions

mobile advertising, google adwords click to call extension

Click to call Business phone number is shown on an extra line, and customers can click and call your business directly. Advantages:
  • 6-8% average increase in click-through rates for mobile ads
  • cost the same as normal clicks but customers who call are often more qualified leads.

adwords click to download extensions

mobile advertising, google adwords click to download extension

Click to download Promote your mobile apps directly. Advantages:
  • Users will be brought directly to your app on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • Icon will be prominently shown, good for branding too.

adwords click to sitelink extensions

mobile advertising, google adwords sitelink extensions

Sitelinks extension Sitelinks direct customers to specific important pages on your website. Advantages:
  • average 30% increase in clickthrough rates
  • As browsing on mobile takes some extra effort, customers will find it useful to directly reach your best selling products and services.

adwords click to location extensions

mobile advertising, google adwords location extensions

Location extensions Easily lets users see your store location on Google maps and visualize how to get there while on the move. Advantages:
  • Mobile local information seekers are ready to take action: research from Google and Ipsos shows that 59% visit a business and more than 40% purchase after looking for local information on their smartphones.
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