Is display advertising now in trouble?

Is display advertising now in trouble?

Doing digital marketing with banners is getting a lot of negative reviews. Ad blocking software products are now popular mainly because of this. Both consumers and marketers have unifying opinions when it comes to banner advertisements. Despite the growing complaints from both marketers and consumers regarding display advertising, experts are predicting that display advertising is here to stay.

Growing investments

If you’ll look at the numbers, a lot of companies are still investing on digital advertisement. In 2014, $49.6 billion was spent on display advertising. It was succeeded by $58.12 in 2015. And with these trends, it is seen to continue to grow. By 2019, the total amount of investment on display advertising would’ve reached $93.7 billion. Targeting, retargeting and programmatic approaches of display advertising are things that make this option provide profits for different brands.

Why do marketers hate it?

A lot of marketers believe that display advertising doesn’t work as other channels. A lot of content marketers despise this kind of marketing strategy as these brands opt articles, ebooks, guides and even how-tos.

But what they failed to mention is that the success of display advertising came from the promotion of high quality content as well. Case studies, free trials and coupons are among the things that are popular with display advertising. In other words, the failure of display advertising could only come from your PPC mistakes.

How does it affect publishers?

Largely driven by B2C businesses, display advertising, has the ability to generate revenue from different companies. Over the next six months, you can expect the value of display advertising to increase. Alongside display advertising you can also expect both sponsored content and native advertising to follow the same trend.

In fact, if display advertising were to be affected in time to come, publishers should start using the new Gmail native ads as a replacement, and see how it works.

Native advertising and sponsored content

Display advertising is more likely used to deliver ROI for mid to bottom funnel content distribution. Top funnel content, on the other hand, can be tough, leaving a giant gap distribution for the content marketers. Both sponsored content and native advertising becomes the solution for B2B publishers. It serves the same purpose of display advertising for the B2C brands, which is to drive ROI.

Overall the cost per click or cost per impression for native advertising is much cheaper. If you’ll ask David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, he mentioned that the more that an advertisement doesn’t look like one, the more likely readers are going to read it. This is exactly what sponsored content and native advertisement do for the top funnel content marketers.

And another reason why brands are going with both sponsored content is due to its simplicity. Also, given its relatively cheap execution, it can offer great profit margins for marketers.

Is Display Advertising here to stay for the next years? Display advertising is here to stay. Despite the growth of other options, display advertising can be coupled with the right content and work perfectly with different digital marketing campaigns.