Improved mobile profile for Facebook and other updates

Improved mobile profile for Facebook and other updates

What’s next for Facebook? We’ve seen a lot of changes how Facebook operates over the last years. The Facebook that we all know in 2004 has evolved significantly to what it is today. Facebook invested effort in order to change the overall look of Facebook in order to cater to the changing demands of its users.

If you are doing Facebook marketing, getting yourself updated on changes is essential. Facebook has something new to offer its users. It features an updated mobile-friendly version of Facebook. With these changes, it offers an opportunity to showcase content reflective of who you are.

Moving profile pictures

After 26 million Facebook users used the Celebrate Pride filter, it was a sign that a lot of people prioritize their profile picture on Facebook. More than just static portraits, profile pictures are viewed as a representation of what is important to a user.

Since profile pictures are the ones that are first noticed by visitors to your profile, Facebook is testing a different approach to profile pictures. Soon, users will be able to create looping video clips that will play for anyone who visits your profile.

Facebook is still not abandoning the old format of using pictures. This is just a new feature that will help users let their personality reflect better in their profile picture.

Reverting profile pictures

Another great update on Facebook is the ability to revert your profile picture to previous profile pictures on a specific time. For instance, if you are looking to commemorate your anniversary with your husband or wife, you can create specific profile pictures for these specific moments.

Improved Controls

Facebook allows users to control what can be seen by other people in your profile, for instance like the dark Facebook post. With current changes, Facebook has even improved customization of your profile. There is a new customizable space found at the top of the Facebook profile. Here, you have the ability to customize what you wish to convey to people who are viewing your account.

You also have the ability to fill up the bio field. Here, you can select fields that will appear in your profile. And lastly, you can choose five photos that you want to highlight what is important to you.

Design Improvements to Mobile View

There are also design changes in the mobile view of profiles. The layout presents better information about the user, which your information more visually engaging and appealing. The profile picture or video is now placed at the center of the profile. Also, the profile picture was made bigger.

Also, another addition is that Facebook now allows you to know more about the people you just met. Here, you’ll see the common photos of people with your mutual friends.

Facebook has changed over the years, catering to improved visuals and other improvements in overall use of profiles. These changes are currently being tested out in the UK and California. The plan is to roll out more people to use the improved profile to give people the opportunity to connect and share with each other in different meaningful ways.