Improve Your Newsletter’s CTR

Improve your Click Through Rate

Email newsletter’s purpose is not just to spread information, but to also increase the traffic in your website, which is good for your digital marketing strategy. Are you trying to figure out how to increase your click-through rate? Perhaps, you have a decent email newsletter view, but only few readers decide to navigate within your site? Here are few tricks that could make a huge difference.

Buttons instead of links

According to experts, instead of using links that are embedded in texts in your content, big attention grabbing buttons could make a huge difference in increasing the click-through rates of emails and newsletters.

This strategy allows the user to be aware where you want them to click. It is also noticeable when it is read via mobile devices. Also, it is easier to click on something huge, than a link.

Tease the audience

Click bait strategy has worked well for a lot of websites. In fact, if you use this strategy sparingly, it is possible to boost your click-through rate. You can share something totally unexpected by the readers.

Titles as call to action

Another great way to generate click through rate is by having a catchy title. How exactly do you do this? You could have a title written as if it is your call to action. This makes things enticing to your readers to click.

Know when to send an email

You need to know when exactly is the best time to send your email. For instance, is there an offer that would expire in the next 48 hours? You want to make sure that your subscribers receive the email within the 48 hour window period.

More pictures and less texts

People are bombarded by a lot of emails already. Given the number of texts that each person has to read opening his or her email, product pictures help convey a specific message minus all the clutter.


According to tested email formats, emails with video offering have the highest click-through rate. A video to pitch your product could make a huge difference how you could get people’s attention.

Offer an expert commentary

Key influencers online play a significant role in today’s world wide web. Instead of just using your brand voice, take the opportunity to give users an insight on different topics. It is possible that you invite someone to be a guest blogger.

Hiring a copywriter

If you notice Google these days, they are after high quality content whenever they are ranking sites. Hiring a copywriter knowledgeable of your niche could also make a huge difference especially in getting people to navigate your website. Call-to-action, as well as the overall content could be made according to the taste of your readers.

Another thing that copywriters can do is to use the power of words. This could emphasize the value of what you offer to your audience. Does your product beat the competition? A copywriter can play around with words to magnify the specs and value of the things you offer.

Personalized messages

How does an email affect a reader? You’ll want to have to make the message tailored towards the interest and needs of the reader. Ideally, this will lead to an improved click-through rate.