Import from Google Analytics, Pros and Cons

Google Analytics goals are more flexible, powerful and yet do not need to install codes on the website.

A summary to distinguish conversions and goals for your digital marketing efforts:

  • Conversions:¬† Measured in Google Adwords.
    • Default 30 days life span.
    • Need to install codes in webpages.
  • Goals: Measured in Google Analytics.
    • In GA v5, “My conversions”, click the gear button at top right, “Profiles”, “Goals”
    • More powerful, can be view of key page (similar to conversion), time on site, page/visit, event
    • Measures all traffic, including non-paid
    • Allow regular expression matching of target URL
    • Can also assign to a funnel (list of goals)

Instructions to link Google Analytics goals into Adwords here.

Things to highlight here:

  • The “Import from Google Analytics” will only show up around 24 hours after the first click on your ads that result in goals
  • Data from the day you click “import” will only be available 2 weeks later!
  • Past data is not imported.