How to do remarketing well using Adwords

Google Adwords remarketing / retargeting enables advertisers to reach out to users who visited their site, hence shown a certain degree of interest in their products, by targeting ads at them while they visit sites in Google Content Network with sites like Gmail, Youtube, Mediacorp etc.

Here are some finer points to remarketing for your digital marketing strategy:

Customize ads based on the previous page visited

    • For visitors who left after visiting the page on a Ford Fusion car, remarketing to them on Youtube with an ad that offer discounts/freebies on that particular model would certainly be very powerful

Specify combination remarketing list

    • E.g. remarketing to visitors to a yoga mat page but ONLY IF they have not made a purchase

combination settings in audiences, adwords

Bid higher on visitors further down the funnel

  • A visitor who abandoned at a particular point in the shopping cart would certainly be worth more then one who visited a product category page


Think through the negative keywords

  1. If a visitor visited a car page, we certainly wouldn’t want to show ads while the visitor is visiting a motoring site on car crashes?