Hoverboard Business- Success with social media influencer

Social media marketing like facebook marketing is now an entrepreneur’s best friend. Could you imagine reaching a company’s full potential using only your existing network? One company that has used social media to its advantage is Uwheels. It is a company that has been established by Dan Fleyshman. He used social influencers in order to make $1.2 million in sales. All these sales occurred during the company’s first month in existence using only half dozen retail and distribution deals. Sure, there are many social influencers around – be it YouTube influencers, twitter, Instagram, you name it. Recently, even YouTube is collaborating with brands and influencers.

If you look at the UWheels today, they are still using the same strategy. Not a single dollar is spent on traditional advertising. They spent only on shipping the products to celebrities and social influencers.

Fleyshman is not a stranger when it comes to starting something successful. At 23 years old, he was the youngest CEO of a company, and then proceeded to found an energy drink and an online poker room. Aside from Uwheels, Fleyshman is also running First Slice Media, a company that runs the entertainment website First Slice.

How does he do it? Is it possible to recreate whatever it is that he is doing? Here are some things that made it possible for him to sell a great number of hover boards using only social media.

Exchange of a free product for promotion

Not a lot of companies could get lucky having celebrities giving them free endorsements. Of course, with Uwheels being somewhat new, even social influencers want to get a piece of the product. In exchange of the product, what they do is post on their social media.

Make the brand stand out

In order to get people’s attention using social media, it is imperative to make the product stand out. A marketing blueprint can be launched. Regardless if it is the features and price point, combined with its branding, you need to think of ways on how you can be set apart from your competition. Nevertheless, studying your competitors are crucial before making a move in setting yourself apart from them.

Choose the right influencer

Follower count shouldn’t be the only basis why you want to contact a social influencer. It is also important to look at the engagement of the social influencer. An engagement rate of more than 3 percent per post makes great results.

If you have a social influencer who has 100,000 followers, going up against someone who has 500,000 followers, it may not be logical to stick with the one with fewer followers. However, if you’ll look into the engagement rate, you’ll most likely stick with someone who can ensure to affect his or her circle.

Brand partnership

It is also important to look into brand partnership. If you are looking to maximize the reach of your company, might as well stick with other brands that may share the same market as you. With Uwheels, they made use of Pink Dolphin.

Why Pink Dolphin? With its premium products, the company has the same market as those who are willing to pay for a $700 hover board.

Social media and the use of social influencers can make a massive difference. Choosing the right strategy for your company, it isn’t impossible to earn millions even for a startup company. And if you think that you need traditional marketing these days, times have changed. People are now glued to their social media accounts on their desktops and mobile phones. These attitudes affect the way they consume.