Google allowing advertisers to use Email list in AdWords

Google allowing advertisers to use Email list in AdWords

Creating your email list for email marketing might be a primitive means reaching your audience, but it still works. Good news for advertisers, you don’t have to just hope for the best on email marketing. In fact, Google is launching a new product which will revolutionize the way advertisers are targeting their market via individual emails.

The product rumored to start this spring is called Customer Match. What it does is to let the advertisers upload emails into AdWords.  The good thing about this particular product is that it extends its targeting capability not only via searches, but also including YouTube and the recently added native ads in Gmail.

Ground Breaking

What makes Customer Match such big news for advertisers, is because of the fact that it is the first time the company allowed to target customer-owned data using the Adwords platform. Google matches the email address to those who are signed-in via Google. Then, on the part of advertisers, they can set bids and create ads that are targeting their very own email list.

Also, there’s the Retargeting Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). What RLSA does is to let users to bid and serve ads that are tailored to an audience based on their search activity via Google. Retargeting lists function hand in hand with cookies which can be deleted by users, and this function is only applicable via desktop version and not mobile. It means that you can’t target a user once it has cleaned its computer’s cookies, or if the user is on his or her phone.

Matched with Facebook and Twitter

Long available in both Facebook and Twitter, The Customer Match is Google’s attempt to stay competitive against the social media competitors. Because of the demand from advertisers, Google was forced to enter the mix. With the privacy considerations already resolved, it is a great opportunity waiting for advertisers given how big Google is as a company.

Similar Audience Expansion

In addition to Customer Match, Similar Audiences is also expected to expand to cater to the growing needs of advertisers to hit more relevant audience. Similar Audiences currently exists on Google Display Network’s retargeting lists.

Similar Audiences works by building a list of users based on their browsing activities. Aside from browsing activity, it also uses contextual signals from users in order to find shared interests and characteristics.   Similar Audiences will be made available for Customer Match which can then be used to target users using Gmail as well as YouTube.

How to get started?

According to the company, to get started with Customer Match, an advertiser will have to manually upload the list lf emails in AdWords or you can also do it via API. In addition to this, you also have no limit to how many emails you can download.

Will this revolutionize the way advertisers reach to their potential market? Given the extensive advertising magic that Facebook and Twitter brings to the table, Customer Match alongside Similar Audiences will definitely improve how advertisers are going to reach their audience more accurately.