How to do Google Adwords remarketing well, Part 2

This is part 2 on how to target audiences with Google Adwords remarketing.  Read about part 1 here, which focuses on the executional part of remarketing.  Part 2 goes deeper into segmenting audiences and delivering more relevant ads.

To recap, remarketing enables marketers to deliver more relevant ads to visitors who have visited their website before e.g. a customer who dropped out of a purchase funnel can be shown ads which offer a discount code as they browse through the web.

Google Adwords remarketing is undoubtably a powerful technique that allows marketers to reach out to customers with custom messages.  Here are some further points:

  1. Abandoned checkout
    • Target customers who abandoned checkout by enticing them with an ad showing a discount.
  2. Up or cross sell
    • For customers who just bought a children’s book, show ads of related products or authors
  3. Seasonal sales
    • Customers who bought flowers last year during Valentines day could be shown relevant ads again this year.  This requires “Membership duration” i.e. cookies to be valid and not cleared for at least a year
  4. Targeting customers on Facebook
    • Google announced in Oct last year that Facebook Exchange (FBX) will be available via DoubleClick in a few months time.  FBX though is currently still not available through Google Adwords.
    • Facebook announced in Oct 2013 that marketers will be able to remarket to customers using email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs.  The easiest way to use this will be uploading the emails from emailing list via e.g. MailChimp.  This though does not have the ability to target various segments unless the existing email list is already broken down in segments e.g. customers who bought shoes/books etc.
    • Marketers could however work the other way round and instead target Facebook’s massive user base using interest based targeting e.g. people interested in backpacking, and subsequently use Google Adwords remarketing to show relevant ads

We have explored the various ways Google Adwords remarketing can be used to show relevant ads to customers who came through various channels like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter etc and shown various interest level or interest in various products.

One last point to mention is, do use frequency capping to limit the number of times a visitor is shown retargeted ads.  We certainly do not want customers to feel fatigue to our ads or even upset feeling they are being “chased” around the web.  To do this in Google Adwords remarketing, go to the Advanced settings in campaigns settings and limit the number of times users are shown.  As to what to limit to, do test and reference your “reach and frequency” dimension report to see when the click through rates drop off and set a limit accordingly.