Are you ready for Facebook’s new campaign structure?

Between March 4, 2014 and March 30, 2014, Facebook will be migrating existing campaigns to a new structure.  You’ll see ad sets added to your campaigns and ads in the ads create tool, Ads Manager and Power Editor.

So what are ad sets?  Essentially it is similar to what has been present in Google Adwords all along, i.e. Ad groups.  Generally most clients have no difficulty handling Facebook ads on their own but definitely not Google Adwords.  That is because Google Adwords contain many more powerful ways to manage settings.  Facebook must have realized its platform is too simple to meet the needs of most marketers wanting to optimize ad spending, so this is a definite welcomed step.

FB new campaign structure

The key difference is in the “Ad set”.  Facebook recommends all ads in one set should target one audience, and each campaign one objective.  This will make it easier for Facebook to optimize on the ad serving.

Some important differences to Google Adwords Ad groups is Facebook “Ad sets” can

  • optimize ad rotation at this level
  • have its own budget
  • have its own ad schedule

This is good, given that different audiences (Facebook recommendation at Ad set level) will have different behavior and should be given its own budget and schedule.  Google Adwords though can until recently achieve this via flexible bidding strategy.

A note from Facebook:

“Keep in mind that we’ll be removing the ability to create ads with old ad types in April 2014, so we recommend that you migrate your ads to objectives before that time.”