Facebook’s attempt to build a YouTube inside its platform

Facebook’s attempt to build a YouTube inside its platform

We live in a generation of fleeting attention span and high definition videos. Everyone loves watching videos. From how-to tips to music videos, it has been able to provide YouTube with 4 billion views on a day to day basis.

Given YouTube’s success, it wasn’t surprising how Facebook is now looking to compete with YouTube. If you’re still not aware how aggressive Facebook is going with their changes, read our past articles on Facebook improving its mobile’s profile and making use of dark Facebook posts.

Facebook is now planning to test an area on Facebook where you can exclusively get to watch videos. Right now, you can watch videos as you get to see updates on Facebook. With the proposed changes, according to Facebook, they are going to let people discover, watch and share videos that are relevant to their interest, similar to how YouTube works.

The parallelism between YouTube and Facebook’s proposed video platform is somewhat expected by experts for at least a year already. However, in order to become successful in mimicking YouTube, and potentially getting advertisement dollars, it is imperative that what Facebook offers is similar to YouTube, if not better.

Watch for yourself what we mean!

What Facebook could potentially do?

We all know that Facebook has the distribution mechanism that YouTube doesn’t have. With over a billion users, not to mention a collection of  profiles that can easily be segmented based on personalities, age, demographic and interest, it has a huge potential to go toe to toe against YouTube. It could also potentially attract more advertisers given that they could target their market more accurately. According to reports, it is expanding the suggested video feature in order to give video watcher different related clips.

Though nothing is certain yet, Facebook is already looking to offer iPhone and Android users this function in the coming months. Now with this, do you think your digital marketing efforts will improve? Facebook is going to let people view videos on a floating screen as you continue to scroll using Facebook, something that you can do on YouTube.

YouTube’s success has taken advertising to another level. Now that Facebook is already planning to develop a similar platform, if not identical to what YouTube is offering, could this be a great alternative for marketers?