Facebook See First: Personalize Your News Feed

Facebook See First: Personalize Your News Feed


Facebook over the years has transformed the way we live our lives. There are over one billion users who are using Facebook worldwide. And of course, marketers have used Facebook for their digital marketing strategies to improve on their overall online presence. What you see on your news feed influences your buying behavior and even your opinion on certain issues. If you’re mainly focusing on Facebook marketing to increase your business’ online presence, focus on these two points.

How posts appear on your feed

To simplify the process of selecting what is shown in your news feed, it currently involves simplest factors. Interest is looked closely by Facebook. Do you tend to like pages that have certain keywords? Next, Facebook also considers the post how it performs with other users including your friends. Who made the post? Is the creator performing well within your circle? Also, the recency of the post is considered. Is it breaking news? And lastly, it matters what type of post was shared. Is it a meme, or is it a blog?

According to Greg Marra, Facebook’s product manager for the News Feed, he mentioned that the news feed is basically a product of what you watch, links you click, and posts you like. Basically, these are things that you engaged on using Facebook as a social media platform. What they realized is that this doesn’t mean that these are all the things you are interested in.

See First

Thus, Facebook came up with a new way to improve your news feed.   These days, Facebook is giving you the opportunity to customize your news feed. How exactly do you do this? More than the number of likes, Facebook has launched what is called “See First”.

Starting with the US based Facebook users, the platform allows its users to go to pages, friends and even public figures and put them on their own “See First list”. This revamped news feed preference guarantees that the posts made by people and pages in your “see first list” will appear on top of the news feed, indicated with a blue star.

Why is this suddenly the holy grail of modern social marketing? Given the fact that not all pages have a huge number of following which likes could translate to visibility in the news feed, it gives Facebook pages the chance to boost their overall traction with the market by making it in a user’s “See First list”.

Here’s how it works. Being a digital marketing agency, we follow top sites to keep us updated of the latest marketing trends online. Naturally, we would want to follow Search Engine Journal closely and read the recent posts on time.

From the desktop view, go the page that you’d like to track closely and hover your mouse over to the ‘liked’ options and click on the See First option.

For mobile, tap on to the ‘Following’ options and change from default to See First.

And you’re all set to read the latest posts from your favourite pages.

Since it allows the Facebook users to have a tailor fitted feed, and not just random mix of posts of pages and people they followed and friended, it allows users to customize the experience. Regardless if they want to transform their feed into a shopping feed from the latest fashion brands, or a news feed, it becomes possible with this new feature.

But of course, there could be expected troubles with this new feature. This could mean smaller brands will have less exposure on Facebook. For instance, if you’ll compare the premier brand pages, to the other pages on Facebook, the former will most likely have more users putting their page on See First. This feature could potentially push the posts from smaller further down the news feed.  Basically, the rule of Facebook is to create posts that interest individuals, for it to become visible in other people’s feed. However, given See First, it debunks this rule by Facebook.