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Expand your advertising to social networks with Facebook advertising, here’s why:

Flexible budgeting

  • Facebook ads and sponsored stories appear on the right-hand side of news feeds
  • Pay per click or when your ads get displayed a thousand times
  • Set a daily budget for your Facebook advertising campaign duration


Choose your audience

Target your Facebook advertising audience by location, sex, age, likes and interests, broad categories, relationship status, workplace, or education

Harness the power of friends and family referrals

One very powerful aspect of Facebook advertising not available on other types of ads is the ability of Facebook to show users what content their friends like. This harness the fact that people tend to trust more of what friends are interacting with.

facebook friend likes

facebook friend likes

In depth reporting

Reports enable you to see how customers are interacting with your brand and effectiveness of Facebook advertising. They include:

  • impressions, clicks, CTR, etc
  • social impressions: times shown with friend’s context
  • social click rate: social clicks/social impressions
  • unique clicks: distinct people clicks

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