Discussions that you want to hear about Google Adwords

Discussions that you want to hear about Google Adwords

A lot of people, even the most experienced marketers have a lot of questions when it comes to their digital marketing efforts like the Google products. What we know is that they offer the best results. From better targeting customers, to conversion, Google provides the best user experience that marketers can make the most of.

In last month’s SMX East discussion, AdWords product managers answered hard questions by their audience. Here are some great questions and discussions that transpired from that event.

What’s with the “below first page minimum bid” message all about?

This is due to the improvements in Google’s estimate on newer and lower volume keywords. This is most likely the areas where you’ll see changes in your account. Their advice is to always check Auction insights report, as well as the details of the keyword’s performance.

Increase in CPCs that use brand keywords

There are times wherein brand keywords in particular are susceptible to one outlier that can throw off an entire percentage. If the gap is quite huge between your bid and CPC, you can expect an increase in the average.

To solve this concern, you have to make sure that you check the longer date ranges and focus on the outliers.  Also, you may want to adjust the budget to ensure that you don’t spend more than you should.

There are a lot of mobile traffic, but what can be done to increase mobile conversion?

According to Google, mobile users may be converting, but they are doing it in a different way. It can be a cross device conversion wherein he initially saw the product on mobile, then decided to pay via PC. According to Google experts, it is best practice to always review the best mobile practices out there.

How can marketers exclude ads showing outside of target location?

Radius targeting is a great way to put limits who you want to target. Google AdWords will not show up on users outside the area, unless certain interest in the region has been seen.

What are steps that Google take to prevent spam and fraud?

Google mentioned the presence of both manual and automated detection systems combined to trace any anomalies in traffic and patterns of activity.

What’s the price for universal pricing app campaign?

The Universal App Campaigns have a cost-per-install model. Your budget will be used to set up the most installs as possible.

How can advertisers bypass agencies to upload email list into AdWords for Customer Match?

The access to upload emails occurs directly via Adwords interface. You can upload the customer list yourself using the Adwords account. In order to have security while uploading the list, you can make use of the SHA-256 algorithm.

These are only some of the questions that have bothered a lot of marketers over the last years. Marketers now have the power to control their advertisement and how to reach their market. Over the years, Google has adapted to the growing needs of advertisers and consumers. Together with these changes, complexities on how to operate the system becomes inevitable, thus these questions during the SMX East were a great experience for marketers.