How to delete Adwords account

Google Adwords is an effective online advertising option which is utilized by numerous organizations to drive applicable online traffic to their business or website. However, in the event that you are not pleased with the performance of your adwords campaign, Google provides the option of conveniently delete adwords account any time you desire.

Cancelling adwords will stop all campaigns within 24 hours but you may need to settle any accumulated costs in your account.  If there is remaining money in your account, it will automatically be refunded as a form of payment but it typically takes about four weeks for the process.

To delete adwords management account,
·    First sign in to your adwords account
·    Go to My Account menu -> Preferences
·    Go to Account Cancellation at the foot of the page and Click on “Cancel this Account” (This option will be invisible in case you do not possess administrative access.

In case if you require opening up or getting an alternate Adwords account later on, you ought to change the email address that is connected with your Adwords account before cancelling your account. It’s not accepted by Google to possess two Adwords management accounts with the same email address, although one of the adwords account is cancelled.

Google does not facilitate completely delete adwords account. Instead you have the option of cancelling the adwords account or permanently deleting the email account that is associated with the adwords account. You also have the alternative of changing the email address that is connected with your account by clicking on the gear icon and picking “Account settings -> Preferences” and edit your email account.

A healthier option rather than delete Adwords account would be to simply pause all campaigns in your Adwords account. This is an appropriate alternative as if you delete the Adwords account permanently; not only will you lose any account history but also lose all information connected with the Adwords account completely. Therefore it is recommended that you cancel your adwords account than deleting it.

In the event that you need to delete adwords account on the grounds that you feel the adwords performance is not up to your expectations, it is worthwhile to consider having professionals to have a look at your adwords management.