Setup Dayparting for Adwords

Dayparting for Adwords is a great way to focus advertising budget on those times with the most impact e.g. selling ice cream in the hotest months of the year.  Many business will have some seasonality either in time of year, day of week or time of day.

Here we discuss how to setup dayparting for Adwords such that budget is focused on the hours of the day that are the most profitable.  For B2B (business to business) businesses, these will likely be working hours in Singapore.

Where to find which hours perform better

The screenshot below shows where to find the hour of day infromation.  Under the "Dimensions" tab, you will see the "Hour of day" in the "View" dropdown list.


Analyzing the Dayparting for Adwords

Below we see that the period from 8am to 6pm provides lower cost/conversion.  We look at cost per conversion because it shows how much it takes to acquire a lead.  It is important to note that we should only judge after a good amount of conversions has taken place e.g. > 5 enquiries for each hour we are looking at so we do not jump to wrong conclusions.

Not enough data?  Check organic results for dayparting

If you roughly know the best hours to advertise on but want to confirm against some data, yet Adwords campaigns have just started, you can also check against organic searches (customers finding your website via non-paid results in  Although the behavior of customers might be different for organic searches, this method should still give useful results.

Go to Google analytics reporting module, Acquisitions then select google/cpc.  Here we choose to check google/cpc so as to compare against the result above, you can choose various channels to check against.


In order to see the hour of day, we need to add a secondary dimension "hour" as shown below.

Then we select the goal conversion rate as shown below.  Here since there is no cost data, goal conversion rate is the next best metric to compare.  Judging by number of conversions might not be a good idea, as this is affected by the time of day search volume.  e.g. traffic at 3am might be low, but if conversion rate is good it is actually performing well.

Here we see the similar dayparting for adwords that will perform well, shown by the relative conversion rate chart which visually help us to compare (the green bars are good performing hours).

Setting up Dayparting for Adwords

Go to the settings tab, under "Advanced settings", edit the ad schedule to the hours that you want to show the ads for.setup dayparting for adwords

Thats it!  This enables you to setup dayparting for Adwords to show your ads based on which hours of the day gives you the best return on investment.  You can also set it to certain days of the week e.g. Mon to Fri only.