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Why Call tracking is crucial for Google Adwords success for B2B

#462680055 /   Spending money on Google AdWords, Facebook, print ads, TV etc. but do not know which channel you should increase budget because you don’t know which is actually giving you the most customers? Digital advertising has the huge advantage in that we can attribute leads to the channels that bring online enquiries. […]

Google Tag Manager – Track clicks & Engagement on your web pages

Google Analytics is excellent for tracking activity between pages. What happens if you want to track activity ON your pages? Here are some cases: 1. track clicks to external sites 2. track downloads of your ebook 3. track clicks of buttons used for a form submit 4. track engagement on a single page micro site […]

Google Analytics Premium launched, enterprise grade

Google Analytics Premium, enterprise grade Google Analytics is now being used by some of the world’s most well-known organizations like Gucci, Travelocity, TransUnion, eHarmony and others for their digital marketing! It includes: 24/7 live customer support and dedicated account manager access to all data attribution modeling to understand the full value of all channels in […]

Import from Google Analytics, Pros and Cons

Google Analytics goals are more flexible, powerful and yet do not need to install codes on the website. A summary to distinguish conversions and goals for your digital marketing efforts: Conversions:  Measured in Google Adwords. Default 30 days life span. Need to install codes in webpages. Goals: Measured in Google Analytics. In GA v5, “My […]