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How to do Google Adwords remarketing well, Part 2

This is part 2 on how to target audiences with Google Adwords remarketing.  Read about part 1 here, which focuses on the executional part of remarketing.  Part 2 goes deeper into segmenting audiences and delivering more relevant ads. To recap, remarketing enables marketers to deliver more relevant ads to visitors who have visited their website […]

Google new “Display Network” tab, Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting

In the next few weeks Google Adwords will be rolling out a new tab for the Display Network, which is used to display text/image/video ads on Google Display Network, seen below:   What is key to this upgrade is the ability now to refine target at the keyword level, which is previously only limited to […]

How to do remarketing well using Adwords

Google Adwords remarketing / retargeting enables advertisers to reach out to users who visited their site, hence shown a certain degree of interest in their products, by targeting ads at them while they visit sites in Google Content Network with sites like Gmail, Youtube, Mediacorp etc. Here are some finer points to remarketing for your […]

What is Google remarketing / retargeting

Google remarketing / retargeting was rolled out to advertisers in Mar 2010 after a year of trial. According to Google, “97% of new visitors do not convert the first time they arrive at your site’“. Now I suppose that has caught your attention, it means 97% of users who clicked over to your website did […]