Bing Ads show wrong date

I must admit I am not a fan of Bing Ads overall, and especially of its interface.  Google Adwords web interface is really fast as compared to Bing, and Adwords always keeps adding new features.  Also in Adwords you can get things done quickly, while a similar operation will take you several clicks in Bing Ads.  Something that frustrates us is the billing gives different invoices when different payment methods are chosen, a monthly summary for prepay while a ongoing costs for postpaid mode.

Now the following case is really quite bad.  Bing Ads show wrong date for an account when using the “Entire time” date range.  Below shows the settings in the account set to Singapore:

Account time zone in Bing ads

Here you will see the time period when “Entire time” is selected in Bing Ads

Wrong date period Bing Ads

I certainly hope the Bing Ads team can do better than that?