Average Google Analytics Goal conversion rate is 1.2%

That was the finding from Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter July 2011, as shown below:

Goal conversion rate by country

Goal conversion by country

One of the excellent digital marketing tool that can be used to track your conversion goal is Google Analytics. Google Analytics goal conversion Rate is the percentage of visits which resulted in a conversion to at least one of your goals.  There are 3 kinds of goals:

  • URL Destination : A specific page e.g. receipt, sign up page is displayed to user
  • Time on Site : After a certain amount of time spent on site is reached
  • Pages per Visit : After a certain number of pages is reached

This is an important measure for marketers as it indicates whether the ads deployed reached the desired audience hence resulting in them converting on the website.

Other interesting results from the newsletter:

  • Site metrics
    • Avg Pages/Visit: 4.5
    • Avg Bounce Rate: 47%
    • Avg time on site: 5.23mins
  • Traffic sources
    • Direct: 36.8%
    • Referral: 19.4%
    • Search engines: 28%
    • Other: 15.8%

So webmasters can take solace in that average bounce rate is 47% if theirs is around that.

Traffic from search engines can be paid/non-paid (as defined in Google Analytics).  This can be seen as a rough estimate of the marketing spend on PPC vs SEO.  More of this in this post.