Adwords Image extensions to be discontinued

If you are lucky enough, you might have seen image extensions in action, example below:

Adwords image extension

These ads are very eye-catching and definitely improve click through rates of ads.  We understand that previously, Image Extension was in open beta testing and very limited. Advertisers have to fill in the form to request to do that. The process take up to several months.

A latest update from Google, as of Monday, July 14 is that image extensions will no longer be available for new requests or edits to existing ones.

Starting August 1, 2014, Image Extensions will no longer appear with Google Search ads. Google is going to focus on testing new, more engaging ways to include images with your ads.

However as with Google Authorship feature which has been simplified with the profile photo and circle count removed, we guess that this is because click through rates for other results were affected too much because of the eye-catching images.  If so, then it would definitely also affect the ads’ click through rates, which is not desirable from advertisers’ and Google’s standpoint.