New Google Adwords Enterprise features (soon)


Google recently announced new features to the public that would be coming to Adwords in the coming months. Unlike the last year’s mandatory Enhanced Campaigns update, existing features will not be affected as a result of the new ones and these features are believed to be absolutely optional within adwords management. The new features involve on enterprise-level tools, mobile app market and estimated total conversions.

These enterprise-level tools would be accessible to all types of advertisers and would not be limited to organizations of a certain size or based on yearly promotional expenditure. Before long, all organizations running various adwords management campaigns will have the capacity to benefit from;

Bulk Actions – Making mass edits such as location targeting and ad rotation

Automated Bidding – Advertisers will soon have the capacity to set up automated bidding to either maximize conversions or to maximize revenues. According to Google this was only accessible in third party tools before.

Enhanced Reporting – Google is likewise presenting some cool reporting features such as Excel for Adwords. Advertisers will have access to visualization tools as well as drag and drop pivot tables. Rather than moving information over into Excel for manipulation, you’ll have the capacity to make reporting with live data.

Draft Mode– Similar to Adwords Campaign Experiments (ACE), this new feature permits you to roll out improvements in “draft mode” where you would be able to see, what impact changes would have on your campaigns, to make better decisions on data-driven choices, based on actual data.

The announcement made by Google with regard to adwords management in Mobile App marketing is the other interesting feature which was introduced. However, according to Google they are not really focusing on mobile but about consumers. Google plans to spread the word about mobile app much at ease through a few energizing new features such as

Better Targeting: Adwords advertisers will have the capacity to reach prospective clients focused around the sort of apps that they have on their mobile phones, how regularly they utilize these apps and their in-app purchases as well as their app download history.

Way More Ad Impressions: You will begin to see App Promotion Ads while browsing YouTube videos on mobile, which is expected to increase the ad record for this ad unit, since 40% of YouTube views, are believed to be on mobile today.

Better Re-Engagement: According to Google, 80% of downloaded apps are utilized just once and erased afterwards. Many of the businesses are able to get their applications onto a device, but will not be able to remain the same customer for future business again. In order to overcome this absence of app engagement, Google will empower search ads that push shoppers directly into already installed apps in the future.

App Analytics Measurement: In Adwords you will soon have the capacity to measure conversions over the entire lifecycle of the app – from installing to re-engagement to in-app purchases.

The last announcement was around Estimated Total Conversions. Google guaranteed that they will keep on investing into enhancing measurements of mobile campaign ROI, including measurements of cross-device conversions and mobile-initiated conversions that prompt physical in-store deals.

Google is encouraging advertisers to promote on mobile. They are attempting to make it simpler and in addition to demonstrate that mobile ads work. The uplifting news is that advertisers get new enhanced usefulness within adwords management and Google isn’t taking anything interminably, as they did a year ago with the mandatory alterations to Enhanced Campaigns.