Adwords defaulting ad rotation to “Optimize for conversions” in Feb 2012

In late February 2012, campaigns with “Bidding options” set to “Conversion Optimizer” or “Enhanced CPC” will have their “Ad rotation” defaulted to “Optimize for conversions” instead of current “Optimize for clicks” in their digital marketing efforts.


Campaigns using Conversion Optimizer or Enhanced CPC with “ad rotation” set to “Rotate: Show ads more evenly” will remain unchanged.

This change does align both “Bidding options” purpose with “Ad rotation” to focus on conversions and CPA for advertisers using “Conversion Optimizer” or “Enhanced CPC”.

Google also mentioned “our studies have shown that campaigns moving from “Optimize for clicks” to “Optimize for conversions” see a 5% increase in conversions on average.”

Advertisers can still opt out of this change before February 14th, 2012.