Ads CTR on Facebook around 0.011-0.165%

Interesting stats of ads on Facebook

  1. Facebook ads have click-through rates of only 0.011-0.165%, compared to Google’s 0.4-0.7%
  2. Eminem had over 41 million fans and Lady Gaga over 39 million fans, but their core fan counts are 575 and 1,231 respectively (just 0.001% and 0.003% of their overall fan numbers)”

A report by MediaMind indicate the average CTR of banner ads is around 0.09%.  For Singapore, the CTR is 0.12% for standard banners.

The CTRs indicate what we would all have experienced, Facebook ads are less relevant than Google Ads.  It is certainly difficult to identify a main keyword on a Facebook page as that’s not what is intended for anyway.

If we base on the 0.7% (Google) to 0.165% (Facebook), then Facebook ads will have to be around 4 times cheaper to achieve the same effective CPM which is not exactly the case now.  Factor in the lower conversions from Facebook ads and the ratio increases.

Advertisers should of course, try it out for themselves to see if that is the case for their business and target audience, and act accordingly for their digital marketing strategy.