When to use Adwords?

When to use Pay Per Click:

  1. New website and you want customers to come right away
  2. Existing website is not appearing in search results for required keywords
  3. Seeing your competitors ads when you type in your industry’s keywords in Google!

Before starting, some points to take note:

  1. Website must have enough content to make visitors action e.g. sign up, purchase, contact you
  2. Determine your marketing goals, budget and how to measure return on investment (ROI)
  3. Consider outsourcing it when you do not have the skills or time to manage it. Solutions like
    Google Adwords can provide great ROI if and only if well managed, else they will be fast and huge waste of money

Consider outsourcing when:

  1. Limited time or budget
  2. Lack experience (HTML/design)
  3. Unable to measure current success
  4. Not getting desired ROI from current campaigns