5 reasons why you need a mobile friendly website


Many businesses are already targeting mobile users for their search engine marketing campaigns.  Is it  time for your company website to be a mobile friendly website?  Here are the reasons why:

Easier to contact you

If users have to expand/pinch on their mobile phones to read your product info, they might just leave.  Make it easy for your customers to read your product info, find your contact number/email address and contact you!  Ultimately, thats what most websites are for, right?


Mobile usage is soaring

Gartner said it expects global mobile advertising spending to reach $18 billion this year, up from the estimated $13.1 billion in 2013. By 2017 it’s projecting the market will have sized up to be worth $41.9 billion.  Advertisers know the exponential growth of mobile usage and hence important to reach customers on their mobile phones.


Make it consistent with your email marketing

If you are already sending out monthly newsletters, drip emails that are mobile friendly, it will be rather wasted if users click over to your website and it is not mobile friendly.  Try to optimize all channels to maximize ROI.


Google will make you Pay

Google Adwords sees mobile ad formats favourably when ads are targeting mobiles.  Google Adwords also includes landing page experience as part of their Quality score to determine how much you pay per click.  So if your website is not mobile friendly, you pay more per click and lose business because customers visit from their mobile and it is difficult to read or navigate.  Double whammy!


Its more professional

Many search engine marketing companies will tell you the importance of a mobile website based on reasons that might include the above.  Tip:  visit their website on your mobile.  View our site, its a mobile friendly website!


In this times where we see people glued to their mobile while travelling or even during meal times where everyone is bent over looking at their phones instead of talking to each other, we think it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website, wouldnt you agree?