4 Ways you can utilize dark Facebook posts

4 Ways you can utilize dark Facebook posts

In digital marketing, brands have been using Facebook in order to effectively reach their market. What social media delivered is a great way to maximize the presence online even by small brands. For most Facebook page admins, what they do is to use the organic post which could be displayed on the Facebook page. But have you used or considered using dark Facebook posts?

What are dark Facebook posts?

Dark Facebook posts are unpublished posts. This could be a link share, a status update, a photo or even a video. This means that it is never published, but is seen in users’ timeline as an ad.

Why do advertisers stick to dark Facebook posts?

A lot of people ask the question why do users stick to an unpublished post? One of the most common reasons why people do this is because they want to do some split testing.

Split testing is utilized in order to see which advertisement or even design works better for a certain audience. Since it is an advertisement, it allows you to target via gender, relationship status, education status, interest and age.

Another common reason why this is used is when your post has been rejected by Facebook. For instance, does your image have more texts allowed by Facebook?

Target portion of your market

A lot of brands have diversified markets. Targeting a portion of your market is a great way to boost your brand’s overall presence. If you use Facebook dark posts, it is possible to have multiple ads that have different targets. A good way to do this is by having specific texts for a specific demographic.

Used for micro campaigns

A lot of social media marketing or facebook marketing experts build on a framework how to build the brand as a whole. However, there are instances when you need to focus your attention on certain products and services that need improvement in terms of conversion.

Specialized campaigns especially on some companies are needed in order to promote specific products. This will also give you an idea how the targeted segment react to your micro-campaign. This makes sure that you don’t spill your posts into your overall social strategy.

Seek appropriate audience with relevant photos

Are you looking to target your female audience? Perhaps you want to target your male demographic. Now, you can use photos and imagery to target these segments. You are not limited to male and female demographic, in fact, you can even choose between ages and lifestyles.

Specify participants in a campaign

Perhaps, you have a product or service that you need to test. Do you risk alienating majority of your market because not all of them are willing to participate? If not, then you can use dark posts.

Dark Facebook posts can make a huge difference on how brands target an audience. It has changed the overall landscape of getting a message to your audience. And due to the size of some brand’s market, it is imperative to learn how to use dark Facebook posts. Other than Facebook dark post, check out other features that you may still not be aware in Facebook,  like the personalised news feed by using the ‘See First’ feature and an improve mobile profile in facebook.