Adwords Enhanced campaigns, 22nd July 2013 deadline

As 22nd July 2013 deadline approaches for upgrading legacy Google Adwords campaigns to “Enhanced”, here are some quick checks on the most important aspects that should be acted upon.

The main driving force behind Enhanced campaigns is the rapidly rising importance of mobile advertising as consumers do more and more activities on their mobiles. With Google’s purchase of Admob back in 2010, Adwords has continued to maintain its relevance in advertising, unlike Facebook which was a little off footed by the rapid rise in mobile usage.

Back to the topic, the two main aspects of “Enhanced” campaigns are
– Bid adjustments
– Mobile optimized ads

Bid adjustments

Adwords’s enhanced campaigns enable bid adjustments on 3 levels
– Devices (campaign and ad group level)
– Locations (campaign level only)
– Time of day (campaign level only, based on time zone when creating account)

The most important part when upgrading is adjusting the mobile devices bid.  Desktop and tablets now cannot be seperately bidded on, possibly Google saw it from its vast data points that behavior in these two devices are converging.

adwords enhanced campaigns, mobile device bid adjustments

Bids adjustments are multiplied together i.e.
– Location (+20%)
– Mobile (-50%)
– Resultant is 1.2 * 0.5 = 0.6

Do note that for the same kind of bid adjustment, e.g. location bids on France (campaign) and Paris (ad group) level, the ad group level is used.

Mobile optimized ads

Now it is much easier to cater ads to be optimized for the mobile.  Previously, we will have to create a seperate campaign to target mobile.

Adwords Enhanced campaigns allow specifying which ads are preferred to show on mobile for e.g. mobile specific discounts or optimized display URL.

In addition, the following ad extensions can also be mobile optimized, including ability to schedule when they are shown (ad scheduling)
– Sitelink extensions: Choose sitelink that are context specific
– Call extensions:  Only show call extensions when store is open
– App extensions: Only show click to download when user is on mobile

adwords enhanced campaigns, sitelink extensions

adwords enhanced campaigns, call extensions

To top all these, reporting is now available for individual extension as opposed to legacy campaigns when only performance statistics of thethe entire type is available.